California IBD 


For over two years, California IBD ( has grown to become one of the most-visited and most-trusted online business directories in all of California. Our mission is simple – to provide a comprehensive online list of local small and medium-sized businesses operating in California so that California residents can have a one-stop online directory for all their needs. is a free online directory where small business owners and service providers can post details about their products and services online to widen their market reach and to gain more local customers who surf the net to look for neighborhood businesses.


Free Online Presence for Local Businesses 


We know how expensive it is run an online marketing and promotions campaign. Small businesses definitely don\'t have the funds to promote their products and services online, which is now dominated by big companies and corporations. With, however, small and medium-sized businesses now have the opportunity to directly compete with the big boys online.


You can post details of your business, talk about your products or services, provide a link or address of your shops, and gain more customers. All these at no cost on your part. This is how we pay back the small business owners who have stirred the local economy of California.


By posting your business in our directory, you get the following benefits: 


          - High search engine rankings

          - Compete with big businesses in search engine results

          - Wider local customer reach

          - Increase in business inquiries and transactions

          - Free online presence knows that e-commerce has grown by leaps and bounds over the years due to the popularity of smartphones and internet-enabled gadgets. Now, millions of people browse the web to look for service providers to to find shops in the neighborhood. California IBD provides the best venue for small businesses to tap the growing online market and capture more local customers.


5-Minute Journey to the Web 


Listing in takes just five minutes or less. No matter what your business or service is, you will have your place in our online directory. Each FREE listing includes the following details:


          - Name and address of your businesses

          - Nature of business or services

          - Google map of your location

          - Contacts and link to your website (if you have any)

          - A one-page free website to further promote your businesses


You don\'t need a programmer or a webmaster to post your business in because listing is fast, easy, and FREE.


About California 


California is the third largest state in the US and is home to 1 of 8 people who are living in the America. The state has a large economy comparable to that of a large country. In 2011, it reported a gross state product of $1.96 trillion, making it the largest state economy in all of the US.


While it is dependent on international commerce and trade, California is also home to thousands of small business owners and service providers as the state continues to promote local investments. The state administration on small businesses is one of the most supportive state unit when it comes to the development, promotion, and security of small business owners.


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