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About Bucks & Does

Bucks & Does is a clothing boutique located in the heart of Silverlake neighborhood in Los Angeles. Started by The ODells couple, Bucks & Does today features a vast collection of contemporary and refined mens and women√Ęs clothing designed by an array of popular designers such as Cotelac, Cynthia Vincent, Joshi, Rails, Capulet, Lacausa, Vince and of course The Odells. Apart from trendy mens and womens clothing, we also specialize in fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes and more. In three words, Bucks & Does clothing boutique is a complete fashion store committed to introducing a wide array of fashion trends and designs to the stylish people of Los Angeles. Our online store makes their shopping experience much easier and our descriptive, feature rich website helps our customers in making the right choices that suit their style and reflect their personality. While our clothing boutique offers sweatshirts, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, casuals and accessories like wallet for men, women can choose from our trendy collection of sweaters, buttoned down and over sized shirts, jackets, jeans and more. All of our clothing is made from high quality fabric that is a delight to wear and comforting for skin. Bucks & Does clothing boutique is open all 7 days of a week and you can give us a ring on (323) 515-7385. Visit our online store on these links and, and check out the quality fashion products we are offering.


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