As of May 2014 the annual mean salary for Ultrasound Technologists in Southern California was $86,490, and job growth is expected to increase 46% through 2022!* There is a high demand for Ultrasound Technicians both domestically and abroad, so you will experience much versatility and flexibility during the course of your career. If would enjoy working side-by-side with physicians and radiologists and you enjoy a good challenge, this is the career choice for you! In as little as 22 months, CBD College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Ultrasound Associate Degree Program will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you will need to fulfill the responsibilities of an Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are responsible for many important tasks, including: Preparing patients for procedures and obtaining, reviewing, and integrating patient history and supporting clinical data Preparing and maintaining diagnostic imagingequipment Performing appropriate ultrasound scanning examinations and procedures Recognizing the differences between normal and abnormal images and other diagnostic information Analyzing images and recording data for interpretation by a physician Recording findings and keeping track of patients' records Demonstrating excellent communication skills with patients and other health care professionals, and act in an ethical and professional manner. Providing appropriate and compassionate patient care for patients undergoing ultrasound examinations
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