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About Custom Photo Props LLC

Custom Photo Props LLC is an all women run business committed to bringing out the best in your photography through the use of our unique, one-of-a-kind props. As a group of stay-at-home moms, we strongly believe in supporting others in our positions, which is why we take the greatest care at ensuring that the products we offer are a long-lasting investment for photographers. Being advocates for newborn safety, we strive to provide photographers with the safest props, and are knowledgeable about the items that we produce and sell. Our goal is to create a high-end and high quality selection that you won’t find anywhere else, and pride ourselves on being extremely sought after, as a result. No order is too large for us, we gladly accept and welcome orders of any size! When you shop with us, not only will you get an excellent product, but our customer service assures that your purchase will be delivered at an accelerated rate, and you’ll find that the wait is minimal.

Providing Photographers with High End, Original and Timeless Props without the Boutique Price Tag


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