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About Play.Connect.Grow.

Play.Connect.Grow. provides the best online training resources for parents looking to learn play therapy for autism. Play therapy is an effective approach that we use and teach for autistic children regardless of age, or gender.  We use Play therapy to help them achieve their peak growth and development possible. An autistic child that works with their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child, through play.  Our video based training library is designed to teach parents our special method of interactive play therapy activities and techniques to use with their children on the autism spectrum.  We have specially designed this style of play to help autistic children “pick up” language and social cues in a fun context and use them spontaneously, giving each more meaning and value to your child.


Humans learn many important social cues and behaviors through play as children. Playing is, has, and always will be the main way in which we learn social communication with each other. A lack of interaction and play, especially with other children, can also mean a child is missing out on these important life lessons. The methods of teaching children with autism through Play.Connect.Grow are based on years of observation and refinement of techniques through play. Our clients are guided in creating environments and methods for child-centered play therapy that help foster social communication and language development for autistic children. We take the time to view and observe the interactions between you and your child. We will offer further guidance and counseling based on these observations to guide them and facilitate the growth of their child.


To truly utilize play therapy techniques as early autism intervention, you must connect with your child and others in a loving and accepting place, where your only goal is to have fun with another person. Most Play therapy techniques work best when a safe relationship is created between the therapist and the autistic child.  Through this relationship, the child may more freely and naturally express both what pleases and bothers them. Play.Connect.Grow. helps foster this relationship children throughout the autism spectrum.


Founder Aaron DeLand has 17 years of experience working thousands of families from all over the world. He has been working with children on the autism spectrum since 1999, first as a therapist in an in-home ABA program in Portland OR. In 2002 he moved to MA to work and train in the Son-Rise Program, where he was certified as a child facilitator and Instructor. Aaron left in 2007 and moved to Los Angeles where he founded Connecting with Autism. He worked one on one with families teaching them how to play with their children as a way to access social development. This process is a combination of working directly with children and watching parents play to provide feedback based on that observation. It also involves exploring discomforts that are related to our children and releasing limiting beliefs. A big part of what Aaron does is parent focused, helping parents be comfortable and present when interacting with their children so that they can be the most effective play partner for them.


Play.Connect.Grow places our focus and practice on the belief that the autism is the world's way of inviting more love and acceptance and playful connection into a special child. Our first goal as autism intervention specialists is always to support that special child and promote a happy family.  So for the best online training resource, using the latest play therapy techniques, come and learn at Play.Connect.Grow. today!


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