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Culture matters. Human capital is your business’ most important asset. Company culture is the glue that binds individual employees together, channeling their talents towards shared goals. Every company has a culture, but not every company incorporates culture into their recruiting process. Our goal is simple: We help your company select and retain high-quality job candidates based on a strong culture match. Selection — Interviewing candidates is time-consuming and costly. We ensure that more of your time is spent interviewing the candidates who fit your culture. Pomello helps shorten your recruiting cycle and lower your costs, all while increasing your recruiting yield. Retention — Hiring based on culture fit pays dividends beyond the recruiting process. Strong culture fit not only predicts high levels of company and employee performance, but lowers turnover as well. Pomello reduces your turnover and training costs, and boosts your bottom line. Why Pomello? Pomello is a unique and powerful technology developed with Stanford Professor Charles O’Reilly. It makes use of over 30 years of research in organizational culture. Our differentiators include: Direct Intelligence — We quantify your culture by gathering data from high-performing, high-fit employees. You will know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to culture fit. Flexible Structure — You can start using Pomello with as few as 2 employees. You can create multiple profiles for different teams, and expand usage over time. Our scores help companies make better, faster, and fairer hiring decisions. What's The Research Behind It? Stanford Professor Charles O’Reilly pioneered the development of the Organizational Culture Profile. He’s studied the effects of person-organization fit on employee engagement, satisfaction, performance, and attrition for the last 30 years. Our algorithms are based on his work, and have been extensively validated across multiple roles and industries.


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