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About Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

Raptor Blasterís abrasive blast cabinets have large highly accessible doors, one on each side and a front flip up door for larger and heavier objects on the RB4226 model. Our blasting cabinets are constructed to keep the abrasive media inside the cabinet and off the floor, maintaining a safe and clean work environment. Our high quality dust collection and LED lighting systems allow for the best sandblasting functionality and visibility in the market. Raptor Blasterís blasting cabinets are built with the highest quality USA blast components available. Our abrasive blast cabinets are powder coated inside and out with a high quality distinctive dark gray hammertone finish. Built with 14 gauge steel and 10 gauge doors, the Raptor Blaster media blasting cabinets have no riveted seams like lesser cabinets. All seams are welded. Solid construction and high performance are what sets our blasting cabinets apart. We proudly design and engineer our own sandblasting cabinets and combine features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety into every model. We use top of the line components from the BNP Style guns to Wilkerson high quality regulators to ensure a trouble-free blasting cabinet that will last for years. Built to Last is more than a slogan, it is a promise!


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