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eBay is based out of San Jose California. Its founder is Pierre Omidyar. He founded the company in 1995. eBay allows for both individuals and companies to sell a wide-ranging goods and services all over the world. It is rated as one of the most successful internet startups of all time. One of its most popular products is PayPal, which facilitates online money transactions. Everything from art to cell phones to coins to collectibles, consumer electronics, toys, garden equipment, musical instruments, real estate, travel services, and so much more can be listed for sale on Sales take place through either open-bidding auctions or fixed-price “storefronts,” and the company provides sellers with tips on how to make the best sale possible. When eBay started, it was originally called Auctionweb started by Pierre Omidyar on September 3, 1995. He had the idea that marketplace auctions would work well online. So, he wrote the code for Autionweb and decided to test out his idea.


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